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9/11, the Discreet Charm of the Japanese, and the Alchemy of Narrative

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A year and a half ago, I wrote a little piece about 9/11 flight attendant Betty Ong. While I have been certain for some time that Betty Ong never existed, and also reasoned that if one found one such fake, there were bound to be some others, I still assumed that most of the nearly 3,000 victims were…

Great read.

You touch upon the question how they would have managed to get the real employees of that Japanese bank to go along with the story. However, what about the people that actually were supposed to come to work that day at the WTC towers? Did they simply manage to evacuate them all before blowing up the towers? Did they somehow keep them out altogether?

When I visited NY in December 2001, there were vigils with photographs of perished firemen and candle lights in various places in Manhattan. People would stop by and pray or meditate in silence. Your hypothesis would require that these firemen were invented too. This sort of victim “with deep ties to the community” would probably be the hardest to fake. The safe bet would have been to sacrifice at least some people for real.

I guess the victims of 911 are a hybrid of those who really existed, and fake ones like Black/Chinese Betty Ong and (probably) these Japanese victims of 911.

Fake victims (with their mourning friends and relatives) have this beautiful ‘extra’ that they can only talk in the way their inventors make them talk. That usually means that they don’t talk at all. They are just devastated by the terror event, you see. And they also never stand up against the usual routine of Western armies who will bomb countries in order to retaliate the event, kill the perpetrators (who never were convicted in front of a trial) and with them kill hundreds of thousands other citizens. The silence of fake victims must be seen in only one way: they agree with the retaliation and the war. Fake victims also have the advantage that they make the death toll rise from the terrorist event. I don’t think that 200 American deaths in the WTC would have led to an invasion in Afghanistan, or Iraq. But 3000, including people from Japan and elsewhere, that is much more impressive!

Jon, I am reading: ‘breakfast of champions’ from Vonnegut right now. There, one of the characters explains that humans are driven by 2 emotions only: gold and women’s underpants. And since these two emotions are so ridiculous to cling to, though man believes they are not, shows that mankind is able to believe anything.

Gullibility is not a vice of mankind, but given that man is known to be gullible, it is pretty simple for ‘them’ to make mankind believe anything, whether it relates to 911, race, climate, food, addictives, sexuality, anything. And it is not gullibility that is the vice, but the people who abuse other man’s trust who commit a vice. I am sure that PR agents disagree there with me. And I am also sure that they can be pretty convincing in explaining why abusing one’s trust is -not- a vice of mankind. And I am sure that I am able to believe that, because I am a human too. Which is one of the reasons why I turn the screen off, don’t listen to the news, etc. Still, there is quite a lot to unlearn from the days that I still listened to news (and believed it). And since news is everywhere, it is not that simple to completely quarantine yourself from it…

I agree that it is much easier to talk about steel frames and WTC 7 (that fell in its own footprint), than talk about planes that did not hit WTC or victims of 911 who do not exist. The former is quite a dull discussion, the latter ‘explosive’. The latter can also not be made into a movie or a book (too far away from the conventional wisdom that magic on such a grand scale simply cannot happen), while the former can and probably will. Plot: some nerd starts to doubt the official narrative of 911 and finds out that apart from that 2 planes hit the WTC and that 3000 people died on 911, much else was going on! Someday that will be televised, like Oliver Stone’s JFK, and that will be called ‘our history’.

Jon, I want to thank you for writing yet another entertaining and thoughtful essay.

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However, what about the people that actually were supposed to come to work that day at the WTC towers? Did they simply manage to evacuate them all before blowing up the towers? Did they somehow keep them out altogether?

Well, I don’t really know the answer to that. I would guess that it was the latter, or mostly that. Probably, by and large, there was nobody (or hardly anybody) in the buildings to evacuate before they blew them up. But I’m not sure really. This is one of these questions that, if there was a genuine investigation, really taking seriously the task of getting to the bottom of all this, they would locate the people who worked in the towers and interview them all. I personally knew (and have lost touch with him) somebody who was working in one of the twin towers. He told me in a conversation not long after the whole thing that, for some reason (I have no idea what the reason was) he wasn’t supposed to go to work that day. He attributed this to random luck, but now I look back on that conversation and think that probably it wasn’t random luck at all. If I had it back, I would have asked him whether he personally knew anybody who had died. (I would bet he didn’t and probably it would turn out that the other people in the office all had some reason or other not to go in that day. But… I’m not 100% sure on this either.)

As regards the rest of it, the people lighting candles and such could be “professional mourners”. Or not. I remember that when Princess Diana died, there were all these candlelight vigils in England and none of those people knew Diana personally. Though, again, that might or might not have been a “spontaneous” outpouring of public emotion. I really don’t know…

As for the firemen, I did have problems with that as well. One does balk at the 343 (I just looked it up) firefighters all being fake. How could one get away with this? It is much easier to come to an understanding of how they could insert a fake victim or two or three somewhere but over 300 NYC firefighters! Well, I’m not committed absolutely to the strong hypothesis that absolutely nobody died on 9/11, but I guess my position is that it’s all very well to reason on a priori grounds that the firefighters or whoever else must be real people because a hoax of that scale is simply impossible. Well, is it? One is reminded of Hitler’s observation (or attributed to him, anyway…) that the big lie is more readily believed than the little one because nobody imagines that anybody would have the… chutzpah… to attempt the big lie! Again, in principle, a real investigation could get to the bottom of all this, couldn’t it? I think a key question is how many people personally knew (or claim that they did) any of these 9/11 victims? And, of course, there is the related question of how many people really saw any planes crash into any buildings.

I’ve come to realize that the mainstream of the 9/11 Truth movement just adamantly declines to investigate these questions.

Right. That is a very key issue. If you invent the people, you have complete control over the narrative. Real people who had lost their loved ones could say anything, it’s unpredictable, but these fakes, “crisis actors”, just hit the talking points you want them to hit. The downside, of course, is that these fakes tend to come across as fakes. Sometimes they are such poor actors that the whole thing is laughably fake. For a while there was a whole genre of video on youtube laughing at this stuff, but most of those videos have been removed.

I’m going to have to revise the essay a bit because I now found that they did create a bit of a back story in Japanese for the 9/11 Taku. The guy was supposedly from the city of Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture and attended Toyora High school. But it seems like a pretty half-hearted effort. I am still quite certain that both this guy and Kazuhiro Anai are just fake. I mean, really, the complete lack of any photographic record should be, in and of itself, enough to tell us that.

Today, I revised the article a bit to incorporate some other things I found. What is strange is that they did create a (rather lame) back story of where Taku was from , i.e. Yamaguchi prefecture in southern Japan. The alleged father is from there and so on. Yet, somehow, the people who created the lame memorial pages in English (and they are really lame!) were unaware of that back story, so they didn’t include that, just put him down as being Japanese… and, surely you see how preposterous that is, no? Imagine if somebody dies in a terrorist event and they say the person is from Germany and that’s it. And search as you will, you can’t find any reference to the person being from Munich or Frankfurt or Hamburg or wherever. Or just the general region like Bavaria. The person is just “from Germany”! LOL!

But it doesn’t seem to matter, I guess. It is striking how little people are really paying attention. It would be quite a bit of painstaking work to create a credible life history for nearly 3000 people, but they didn’t bother. Even the most important people in the narrative, like a Betty Ong, there is practically nothing there really. But these lesser ciphers…