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A Country They Own

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To the tune of “A World of Our Own” What’s the chance, what’s the chance, we’ll get our country back? It will take a lot of courage, yes, the courage we lack. The values we prized are now almost gone, As we live in a country they own. It’s a country they own, the Zionists,…

in your government and in every government agencies, included and overall Cia, Nsa, Fbi and many others there are a lot of officials with double loyalty, the one, for first the zionist one, then if possible the nation in which they lives.
Everyday your regime (speech of democracy is a great word that your country don’t deserve , seen what happens every minute in America) … zionists or not for this nothing change, everyday your regime kills people with drones, with their army, with many agencies, with coups and false flag (very often also into the nation), by proxi armies, mercenaries, or freeing other nations (as Israel for example) killing civilians, old people, women, kids . . . . . with inimaginable crimes as pursuing the interests of the nation. that nation created ONU and ICC and now refuses to submit to the laws he has created to his advantage but which cannot be bent in front of exterminations, racism, theft, robbery and a lot of war crimes that everyday affecting our chronicles.
When you speak of zionists that own all in your country, I ask to you: they own also your freedom to do whatever is right for the whole world?
Soldiers that shot to people unarmed (as are doing IDF to palestinian people with no ONE ONLY excuse to do so) in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Vietnam, in Iran, Yemen, Ukronaziland, North Korea, Lybia, Jugoslavia, almost all Africa… they must give a stop to not being the accomplices of that criminals, zionist or not.
Zionist own who is happy to be owned