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A Letter to Professor Paul Craig Roberts


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(I wrote this email to Professor Paul Craig Roberts on 7/17/2019 and received no reply. Below is the exact text of the letter except for a small amount of line editing. Anybody who feels broadly the same way I do about this issue is more than welcome to mirror this letter on their website.) Professor…



Obviously, DC Dave finds truth and value in this letter by Jonathan Revusky to Paul Craig Roberts.

I do not.

The reasoning is flawed and is more like a set-up. It was so full of common logic fallacies that I could not read much beyond the first few paragraphs.

It is fine to negatively criticize Paul Craig Roberts’ work, and I think I could supply some very strong points of argumentation regarding Roberts’ 9-11 work.

Unfortunately, tendentiousness rules when criticizing coverage of major false events.



If you’re going to claim that I (or actually, anybody else) is engaging in logical fallacies, then you must state what those logical fallacies are.



I believe the Thomas Sowell line about what he used to write in red on students’ papers is called for here, “Specify, don’t characterize.”



I am sorry but I just do not have time to point out the faulty reasoning but no one else seems to notice it so maybe Mr. Roberts won’t either.



Mr. Revusky makes the case for the crime rate to not only not increasing with the huge influx of Muslims but that the crime rate is actually going down and that these Muslims are on their best behavior in order to secure their future status in Europe.

Are we to think that the several other European countries complaining about the behavior on the “immigrants” are just terribly confused?

The same people who are flooding the USA with many people with criminal records from many countries including many from the Muslim countries are the same people who are flooding Europe with the same kind of people.

The orchestrators and drivers own the driven and they own or almost own the destination countries, and they have no need to drive their own because their own are already their ruining the destination countries in a myriad of ways.

Christians appear only able to play the “choose the chosen or choose the “islamofascists” game. Christians are the only ones who can fast and pray to the One True God to defeat the evil one who is the main orchestrator of this evil plan.



To me, this qualifies as an obvious lie and and there is zero tolerance for liars here. I suspended all your posting privileges for a 2 week period. If you come back at that point and start lying some more, I will simply delete your account.



On a positive note, I received this response from “CAB,” who seems to be having difficulty logging onto Heresy Central:

Wow, this was a fabulous article, first thing I’ve seen like this, and I totally believe it. I was always skeptical about the reports of the gang rapes in Germany. Yeah, sure. They don’t do that back home, so they surely are not going to do it in a place that is giving them sanctuary when they have no options at all otherwise. The Muslim people are the most spiritual people on the planet. They walk in the total fear and reverence of God every day of their lives. It is their culture. Everybody knows that. Far as I know, they don’t have prisons in the Muslim countries – or nursing homes, or mental hospitals. I have never read this, but this is what I assume. The Muslim people are very orderly and tied in with their family life and their religion and their countrymen. The stories of the torture of Muslims turned Christian I can believe – because to a Muslim to go against your religion and your traditions as a Muslim is the height of evil. That’s exactly why I believe and would be willing to bet that Muslim nations don’t have nursing homes, prisons, or mental hospitals. Well, maybe Saudi Arabia does, because they are aligned with the Banksters and the U.S.

I do love and admire the Muslim people. When I watched the 8 hour series called The Arrivals, done by a gifted Muslim filmmaker, that’s when I got a real insight into the heart of the Muslims. They are holy people, no other word for it. They are full of love and worship and gratitude to their Maker, appreciate God’s Creation and are thankful. They are humble people. They are forgiving and good natured, cheerful people also. These are all the charter qualities God is looking for in the Bible, and mentions them also as what He is looking for. I think Heaven will be crowded with Muslims!

The other thing I noticed in The Arrivals is the dread and avoidance of decadence. There may be a morbid curiosity, but in the end their moral upbringing will win out. I also learned from that film (8 hours) that they are really into the Virgin Mary, and their own Koran (which I DON’T believe in the Koran) states that Baby Jesus was conceived by the Word of God. Muslims exalt Mary almost to the same degree that the Catholics do (which I do NOT AGREE WITH THAT!) … but they love her and honor her, but do not pray to her or worship her. They also do believe the Bible, but they put the Koran over the Bible and if there is a contradiction they go with the Koran. The story of Mary and Jesus they tell in the Koran that Mary went into the dessert alone to have Baby Jesus and that God came to Mary and gave her water (per Hagar story with Ishmael, so they kind of blended those two stories) … and that Mary asked God, “What can I do when I go back to my village and the men will kill me because I have no husband?” And God told her, “Let the child speak for you.” So the Koran states (according to The Arrivals) that when Mary came back to the village with her baby, that the men were furious with her and demanded to know how she had a baby! Baby Jesus spoke up and said, Leave her alone, God is with her,” or something to that effect. Arrivals says that all the men fell backwards, and then got up and ran away.