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Absolutely extraordinary video illustrating Orwellian Doublethink on 9/11

I came across this video a couple of days ago and I thought it was an extraordinary illustration of Orwellian “doublethink”. Basically, it is a conversation (really, two conversations, one week apart) between Allan Weisbecker and the legendary sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr. about the plane crash footage from 9/11.

In the first of the two conversations, Iooss, the top-flight professional photographer, is basically guffawing at the absurdity of the video fakery. And then, a week later, he completely disavows the previous conversation!

I made a point of downloading the video and uploading it to my the beta (or alpha) level HeresyTube site that I recently created. I think that we should make a point of doing this with any good videos we come across that are liable to be memory-holed.

A has a duck-like appearance.
A moves with a duck-like gait.
A makes duck-like sounds.
A also both swims and flies.
Either A is a natural born, living member of species DUCK
A is a phenomenally realistic, mechanical replica of a duck.

We still do not know, do we, one way or the other? Does anyone learn epistemology in this the 21st century? Recently, some blogger or poster wondered about the “sound” a tree makes when it falls in a forest with no ears in hearing distance. We go from existential reality to sensory validation of what’s real to me and thee. Whatever! members of the next lost generation exclaim when confronted with a genuine question with no easy answer.

GREAT video|interview|keepsake!

Very interesting.

The plane was obviously faked from a number of angles:
— it wasn’t lit
— the conflicting angles
— the simple fact that a 200-ton airliner cannot penetrate a 500,000 ton steel frame building
— the simple fact that the NOSE CONE of a 200-ton airliner cannot pop out the other side of the building.

They didn’t even try to make it realistic. They always give us the clues. They needed the plane to penetrate for the big lie of the planes bringing the buildings down but surely they could have made it look lit and certainly they could have dispensed with the nose cone popping out the other side.

The key truth to 9/11 is that death and injury were staged and to keep that lie hidden, controlled opposition has us all focused on the buildings when it’s so much easier to focus on the planes. By definition faked plane crashes means that the buildings must have come down by a controlled means and it also indicates that 265 people didn’t die in plane crashes so if they could fake those 265 why not fake the other 2,735?

This is another good video showing the plane crash in the 1978 film, the Medusa Touch emulates crash physics better than the second plane.

Well, that the videos of the plane crashing into the tower is laughably fake, for me, is not the extraordinary aspect of the video. I mean, obviously, this Walter Iooss guy, as a really top-flight professional photographer, understands angles and light (at least on a heuristic level, which is what is important really…) far better than is needed to see through this. And he does see through it – in the first conversation.

For me, the interesting aspect of the video is more the psychological side, that there is a conversation where Iooss sees how ludicrously fake the videos there are, but then, a week transpires, and after that, the guy is declaring his faith in the official story – whatever the government and the media said, the “chain of events” is true and the footage must be legit! He reminds one of somebody at a medieval inquisition sort of trial making some sort of declaration of faith.