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Battle of Mogadishu 1993 / Mogadishu truck bombing 2017

I was prompted to look up Madeleine Albright in Wikipedia from a comment about her being a dual national (inferred Israeli/US) on this eulogy to Terry Jones in Off-Guardian.

She’s not but I did learn other stuff about her.

It seems she and her co-conspirators engineered, in bullying style, for Boutros Boutros-Ghali to be the only UN Secretary General to be denied a second term and used the same kind of behaviour to ensure Kofi Annan taking the role.

After 15 U.S. peacekeepers died in a failed raid in Somalia in 1993, Boutros-Ghali became a political scapegoat in the United States.[65]

The scapegoating prompted me to wonder if perhaps the Battle of Mogadishu was staged. I looked it up in Wikipedia and found a very convoluted description which was difficult to take onboard considering my lack of affinity with all things military, however, I found compelling evidence elsewhere that it was staged (see below).

The evidence also clearly shows that the 2017 Mogadishu truck bombing was also staged.

I also wondered if warlord Aidid who obstructed BBG’s efforts to bring peace in Somalia might have been a CIA agent – I mean, what are the odds? So I googled and, one person, at least, is claiming so.

When I saw this sentence in Wikipedia, little bells went off:

At 15:42, the MH-6 assault Little Birds carrying the Delta operators hit the target, the wave of dust becoming so bad that one was forced to go around again and land out of position.

Aha! Was this the same kind of dust that worked its magic covering the obvious signs of controlled demolition as the twin towers came down and making Ground Zero look like a warzone and the same kind of dust that conveniently covers the staging of death in the faked Collateral Murder video.

Well, there’s an awful lot of dust in the footage we’re shown of this battle and we do have to wonder why quite so much. The subtitles tell us that the soldiers are “fast roping” down from the Black Hawk but is it soldiers we see as we peer through the thick haze or dummies? Could be anything at all. Nothing in the video provides evidence of the convoluted story they tell us in Wikipedia.

Then there’s Black Hawk pilot, Michael J. Durant. Michael’s femur and back were broken but he recovered and got back into ice hockey.

My back’s deformed – it will always be that way – they left it alone. My personality is if it hurts when you get up go do something until it stops hurting. And it works.

We’re left with the puzzling question of why “they left it alone”. Why did they leave it alone – if it was too risky to do something or futile why not provide that information. Nothing about his appearance suggests that his back is deformed.

Then there’s Navy SEAL, Howard Wasdin.

Reporter: Your leg was hanging on by threads of flesh. You’re begging the doctors not to amputate. They reluctantly agree not to. How difficult was your recovery?

HW: You know, the physical recovery – I almost died from a staph infection – I had to go to daily debreedings?? (debridements??) where they scrub out the necrotic tissue but that recovery wasn’t near as bad as the mental recovery, the mental war I was fighting with myself. … The silteen?? was the only thing in my mind given my abusive childhood – I thought I had gotten to the point where I could totally protect myself.

Incomprehensible pronunciation and alien-seeming words are signs of fakery and Howard generously provides us with two. His leg was hanging on by threads of flesh but is working absolutely fine now? Pull the other one.

The reporter states how Howard helped a Somalian boy who had a similar injury although he had lost his leg and asks Howard to elaborate.

HW: There was this little boy next to our safe house and I found him by smelling – you know – the necrotic tissue and decided to help him out.

I found him by smelling the necrotic tissue. Seriously.