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I live in the 10th Congressional District of Virginia, in the southwestern corner of Fairfax County, which on its eastern side is just across the river from Washington, DC. The Republican, Frank Wolf, was my Congressman when we moved here in 1983, up until his retirement in 2014. After 1982, Wolf won re-election by large margins…


It’s an interesting article. When reading it, I was wondering how much of the issue is really ethnicity and how much is social class. Well, of course, the issue of the Hispanic kids not speaking English at home in many cases is related to ethnicity.


Social class is a very big part of the Hispanic immigration issue, and it is seldom discussed. Latin American society is far more class riven than ours. The news media and the Democrsts can scream “racist” at Trump supporters all they want, but hardly anyone looks down on the sort of people who are coming to our country from theirs like the upper classes of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala do. Yes, these countries have educated, refined, prosperous upper classes, of which most Americans are completely unaware. They are not typically the ones who immigrate to this country, and they’re certainly not the illegal ones.


See the latest Walter Williams article on immigration:


This is the problem, like frogs in a kettle of water people are too slow to notice the rising temperature, that they are being cooked to death.
Nice that you should finally notice what a bunch of us slaves have been crying about for years, tens of years, that our nation, our people, are being destroyed by the Leadership that makes its money, it seems, by diluting our majority ownership of our nation.
I enjoyed the writing, excellent, wish I was such a good writer, but, I am put off by your blindness, as if you cannot see what is in front of your face, like the Earth is Flat.
Okay, now you know, so, are you up to the job of stopping the destruction of our people and their nation?


One can’t say everything in one article. I have written quite a bit on the subject of immigration elsewhere. See and “Trump Half Right on Immigration, Hispanic Crime” at