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Heresy Central is a project to create a space for analysis and discussion of politics, society, history that is completely unencumbered by the taboos set by the mainstream “masters of discourse”. The “heresy” in the name “Heresy Central” does not refer to heresy against Christianity or Islam or any traditional religion. It means discourse that…



I will be interested to learn more about this blog. Is the time frame I am picking up correct. Was Heresy Central just recently launched?

I recently launched a blog as well, and I find that the writings on Heresy Central would fit there about as well as they do on HC. is very recent. After a few weeks figuring out how to build it, and then building it, I’ve added very little content as yet. 9Two or three posts just to nget something up.

I have a concept of what a blog like TheBostonGlob, and/or Heresy Central, could become. (You say you are interested in sharing ideas).

I write a lot just about every day. Few days less than 500 words. Many days 1000, (some days considerably more). Mostly in public forums. The Boston Globe, (my ‘hometown’ newspaper, though my wife and I actually live in the boondocks of rural Massachusetts), is a primary venue. I also maintain a fairly extensive circle of correspondence.

Like you, I have no interest in trolls, or in engaging them, or affording any respect for their ‘rights’. There are plenty enough places where truculent troglodytes can exercise their freedom of speech.

Discussion must be a mutual pursuit of truth. It can be spirited, even at times vehemently disagreeable, but it must always be disciplined to honest skepticism. Every ‘side’ of every discussion that derives from honestly objective skepticism, must be afforded respect. Every participant must strive to inhabit every other’s point of view, (an impossible task, but invaluable in the effort itself).

A credo we could surely share is that the the truth knows no command. The truth serves no one, save itself. The truth can be a mighty ally to those who serve it diligently and faithfully. But the only way to have the truth in one’s own camp is to follow it with all dedication, and to pitch one’s own tent close by.

Look forward to getting acquainted.



Hi, I’m sorry to have taken so long to answer. I don’t know why I didn’t notice your response. I would have expected to get email notification.

To answer your question, the site is not so recent, over a year, but I’ve been slow to get it going. This discussion forum, on the other hand, is pretty new and not very active, as you doubtless realize.

As for your comments about legitimate debate and truth, that is something I have been grappling with ever since I got the idea of creating this site. Finally, I think too many Alt sort of sites go round in circles on basic factual questions, like whether the official 9/11 story is truthful and things like that. At some point, you have to just take the stance that certain questions are resolved factually and that’s that.

The reason is that you can only get to the more interesting questions by getting past the first level of factual ones. The first question about a false narrative, yes, is figuring out that it is false, but the next question that I grappled with for a long time is why people (most of them) are so helpless against all the BS out there. That’s one question, but then the even more important question probably is figuring out who is behind whatever narratives and what their agenda is. But to be going around in circles demonstrating that whatever propaganda narrative is not truthful…

Well, you see my point surely…