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Paul Craig Roberts doubles down!

Well, not only has Professor Roberts not deigned to respond to my open letter to him
but he seems to have doubled down on his position, with an article entitled Swedish Women Experience Mass Rape By Immigrant Invaders.

Professor Roberts writes:

The Chairman of Sweden’s automobile production Company, Volvo, says that immigrant crime imported into Sweden by the Swedish government is so high that Volvo might have to move out of Sweden in order to conduct its business.

It does appear that Mr. Håkan Samuelsson, who is the CEO of Volvo did make some remarks about there being a crime problem in Gothenburg, Sweden, where Volvo’s headquarters are located. He also said that this was a factor making it hard to recruit international expertise to work on the next generation of electric cars.

It also appears that this drew a rebuke from Gothenburg’s chief of police, Erik Nord, saying that Mr. Samuelsson should not believe everything he reads on social media.

I tried to find information about about Gothenburg being such a crime-ridden place and came up rather empty-handed. For instance, this very recent article on a travel site states:

Gothenburg is a relatively small city and prides itself on very low crime rates.

Now, obviously, Gothenburg is a bustling city of half a million and there is surely some amount of crime. However, just looking at discussion forums with postings by people who really look like they live in Sweden, posters pretty much universally pooh-pooh the idea that Sweden is a crime-ridden place, as the various alt-right media portray it.

I personally have never been in Sweden specifically. It is also hard to believe that Professor Roberts has ever been there either. I would pose the following questions to Professor Roberts:

  1. Have you ever heard of anybody being offered a job in Gothenburg (or elsewhere in Sweden) and declining the offer on the grounds of it being too dangerous to live there?

  2. Money talks. As I understand it, the U.S. State Department has to pay people a supplement to live in very dangerous places. This is true of other government’s consular postings and other international jobs. Have you ever heard of anybody being paid a supplement for living in Sweden on the grounds that it is a dangerous posting?

  3. If Volvo must relocate from Gothenburg, Sweden because it is too dangerous, what location or locations are they considering that are less dangerous than Gothenburg? Did you ever see such a list?

The comments by Gothenburg’s police chief seem quite apt. Doubtless there is some amount of crime there, but is it a high level compared to other places? In particular, I would direct you to this article comparing crime levels in Sweden with those in the U.S.A..

Well, in closing, I would suggest that people such as Professor Roberts consider carefully what is being claimed. How credible is Mr. Samuelsson’s claim in that interview that Volvo cannot attract international experts to live and work in Gothenburg because it is so dangerous? Has anybody else every made such a claim?

Or, really, to put it perfectly bluntly, it is quite disconcerting to see somebody like Paul Craig Roberts make an ass of himself this way.