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Pearl Harbor vs. 9/11

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(Piece originally written by Dave Martin in 2014) When asked the question, “What impresses you more about George W. Bush and Barack Obama, their absence of intelligence or their absence of integrity,” a ready answer comes to mind, and it is clearly not the same for each. But in the case of Bush’s first Secretary…

Seems to me that The Shrub – h/t to Molly Ivins, whose bio, read in retrospect, reads like that of a “spook” (CONtrolled opposition, an ANTI?! Say it ain’t so, Joe! [cf. work by Miles Mathis]) – and O’bummer occupied the Oval Office like peas in sequential, generational pods. Body smashers both, they served Master Puppeteers well, the pendulum of our political clock peacefully pacing back in forth between NeoCON and NeoLIE.

David, your brief and welcome comparisons of the attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941 and attacks on buildings and people on 11 September 2001 – hardly dated, though years have passed since its writing – inspire fresh ways of thinking about those events as a rhyme of History. Seems to me, too, the D’Evil hides in details too numerous to list and discuss in one sitting, whether to read or to discourse. Moreover, we gaze with wounded and circumscribed hindsight to shades of perfidy, a unifying notion. Thus, in time and with patience, we might also understand better the many other “false flag events” occurring in lesser magnitude to this very day (e.g., Gladio I and Gladio II).

The category “false flag events”, of course, gains its name from a standard practice employed by pirates, certainly apt for 9/11 to my mind. One factoid I think worth mentioning here is that the missile that struck a certain section of the Pentagon reportedly killed most members of a team named “Able Danger”, looking into where the several trillion dollars announced “lost” the day before by Rumsfeld went, among other questions, including missing material useful for development of smaller nuclear weapons. (Source: Veterans Today articles over many years now.) I also read that newer, more utilitarian vessels left Pearl Harbor before the attack, thus to fight another day. Makers of ships and armaments could then get busy spending what most think of “money” (debt) in new and more viciously lethal ways. Never let a good crisis go to waste, I understand a NeoCON once said. Replacing a politically incorrect metaphor here, I say They often inseminate two cows with one squirt.

Personally, I would categorize both 12/07/41 and 9/11/01 as “CONs’ Piracies”, major milestones in the pervasive War Against Humanity declared long ago by worldly Powers That Be. Today, battle front after battle front, we peoples of color (“hue-mans”) engage a struggle we seem more likely than not to lose. Therefore, we might well hope for any reward due us in Heaven, for we be driven off this, the densest plane of GOD’s Creation that we recall and have come to know.

The most obvious similarity between Pearl Harbour and 9/11 is one that most people will not recognise but for which the evidence is clear.

They were not false flags where people were killed and injured.

They were bombings of evacuated areas and death and injury were staged.

They also show hallmarks of staged events that gives the game away:
— Nonsense “miracle survivor” stories (see Point 3 -
— Unconvincing indications of death and injury

No doubt there are others.

Below is a comment on an article about the Great Fire of London, 1666 (recommended reading) which identifies similarities between that event nearly 350 years ago and 9/11.