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Rouhani and Trump collusion in assassination / PS-752 faked

The most infamous plane crash hoax is the four faked plane crashes on 9/11 but recently, after researching the PS-752 crash in Iran, then those of MH-17 in Eastern Ukraine and Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco, I have come to believe many plane crashes are hoaxes.

All hoaxes perpetrated by the power elite are characterised by two elements:
— Obvious signs that they are a hoax
— Complete absence of anything that supports the reality of the event. The perps are scrupulous in not faking anything so well that a believer of their story can brandish anything put forward that favours its reality over its fakery.

Why would they give us obvious signs and be so scrupulous in ensuring ultimate failure of fakery you may ask?

The reason put forward on the internet is that the power elite rationalise their hoaxing of us by giving us obvious signs. They reason that by doing this they are pushing the onus onto to us to call them out and by doing that they are absolved of responsibility and are spared karmic repercussions. However unlikely you find that the evidence is very clear and when I learnt it, I didn’t doubt it for a moment as it explained things that had baffled me such as Robbie Parker’s broad smile as he walked to the microphone the day after his 6 year old daughter had allegedly died in Sandy Hook and the nose cone of Flight 175 popping out of the South tower.

Other possible reasons are:

— Power can do what it likes when it likes so it is more or less obliged to do just that. Imagine the chortling that goes on and the reinforcement of their belief in what idiots we are when they can push - seemingly without limit - the most ridiculous nonsense in our faces and we simply swallow it.

— Many people are involved in their hoaxes including government officials, the media, response agencies, corporations, crisis actors, etc. To make it more justifiable to these people to participate they can rationalise by saying, “Look, we tell them clearly, it’s not as if we do it as realistically as possible. No need to feel too bad about it.”

Signs of hoaxery (but not limited to):
— General sloppiness of execution
— High degree of implausibility and over-the-top ridiculousness
— Things don’t add up; contradictory versions of the story in different media, in the same medium and within the same article and witnesses contradicting each other beyond normal
— Mismatch between show and tell
— Smiling grievers or people otherwise showing expressions inappropriate to the situation
— Inappropriate register; poor expression, grammar and spelling
— Expected things are pointed out which makes the pointing out seem odd
— Conversely, unexpected things that need explaining are not explained
— Masonic numbers and symbols
— The actual truth

Rouhani and Trump collusion in assassination of Soleimani

I have to confess great ignorance of geopolitics in general, including Iranian politics so when the assassination occurred it didn’t make any particular sense to me. Then a friend sent a tweet of an anonymous post where the poster stated the following:

Both Trump and Iran want US forces to begin wrapping up in Iraq.

Rouhani wants Soleimani dead because he is becoming uncontrolled.

Trump wants Soleimani dead in order to look powerful and to snub Obama for his pardon of the war criminal.

Soleimani’s death causes a vote in Iraq for US forces to leave. Now Trump can pull forces without battling in congress.

I’m not sure if all speculation by the poster is correct but I think it’s perfectly possible that both Trump and Rouhani had reasons to want Soleimani out (either by assassination or some incentive). If this were the case, then we are prompted to examine the crash of PS-752. I did that and the evidence clearly shows it was staged.

See my post where the anonymous poster’s text is shown in full along with an analysis of the plane crash. You will also find links to analyses of MH-17 and Asiana Flight 214.