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Sanctuary Cities

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To the tune of “California Dreaming” All the feds are gone And the carpets are red. “Y’all come and break our laws,” They might well have said. They’ll put out a warning If ICE plans a raid. Sanctuary cities Are forging ahead. All the feds are gone And the carpets are red. “Y’all come and…

Dave, the counterpoint in this brilliant composition and execution by Lou Adler and John Phillips seems essential to any alt-lyricizing. I suspect the creative Powers That Be that produced – for its time – the magical music of California Dreamin’ decided at some point that using the “counterpoint vocals” as a Greek Chorus might prove too much for us way back then. Thus, I did not follow the repetitious patter of the song poem, reportedly written by John and Michelle Phillips, first recorded by Barry McGuire with back-up vocals supplied by M and P’s to be. And, unlike chants and mantra (for example, those of US|UN Sikh dharma, expressed through the work and teacher-students of Yogi Bhajan, where a “lead singer” sings the phrase and others repeat verbatim.

I ventured forth to have the “counterpoint vocals” add substance to the leading phrase. Feedback welcome! This is my first try at what Dave does so well!


Family farm gone bust
(No one we could trust)
Lakes and rivers dry
(We know reasons why)
We left lest we starve
(Not a roast to carve)
Not a can of soup to buy
(Nor a piece of pie)
We set out for redoubts
(each serves as scout)
As chemtrails filled our sky
(graying up our sky)
(Kali’s fornication)
New World Order’s high!

Met a pack of souls
So lost we had to cry
We gave them half our stash
(and all the rest of cash)
No one has to die
(no one ever dies)
We banded tight together
(warmth for colder weather)
A mass escape to try
(we can’t stand this sty)
(Kali’s fornication)
A New World Order lie!

We reached our mountain cave
(safe from early grave)
Free from prying eye
(No All-Seeing Eye)
We scatter seeds of Life
(husband and one wife)
While Light and Shadow vie
(Catcher in the Rye)
Our Love of GOD sustains
(heavenly refrains)
While end of times draw nigh
(GOD’s eternal sigh)
(Kali’s fornication)
Dear New World Order, Die!
Kalifornication, New World Order high
Kali’s fornication, New World Order lie.

Alan Charles Donelson, 28 September 2019