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What public-spirited American would not want to read a book with the provocative title that its author, Canadian journalist, Greg Felton has given it, The Host & the Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America? One potential eager reader who readily comes to mind is the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, as…




Thank you for the most thoughtful, insightful review my book has had. This is the sort of evaluation I’d expect to see in the Times Literary Supplement . Not only did you read my book, but you understood my purpose and used substantial excerpts, something nobody else has done. I made every effort to write The Host & The Parasite in such a way that even with the passage of time its message would still be relevant, and I am pleased that I succeeded. I would, though, make two comments.

First, please change the book link from to, which is the primary source.

Second, I would not recommend buying the earlier editions because in the latest one, the third, typos and other imprecisions have been corrected.

Third, the ascription to me of liberal, anti-Republican partisanship is a bit unfair since most of the book takes place from 1980 to 2017, during which time there were four Republican presidents and only two Democrats. I did mention LBJ’s role in the June 1967 USS Liberty attack but I felt that going into more detail would have entailed too long a digression. I spent all of Chapter 6 detailing President Bill Clinton’s responsibility for numerous crimes, including the massacre of Iraq, betrayal of Yasser Arafat, and creation of the demonized image of Osama bin Laden. George W. Bush only started where Clinton left off.

Yes, Joe Lieberman was an extreme Israel-firster, but Al Gore wasn’t, and it is hard for me to imagine his allowing the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks. I make it clear from the outset that George W. Bush’s “presidency” represented a zionist coup d’état , and for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to occur this was necessary because Israel needed its own brand of puppet-criminals in charge.

Regarding the crowd, I could very easily have lost my temper, but I remembered that I paid someone to videotape it, so I was aware that whatever I did on stage would be permanently recorded. What I did not expect was for the library to sabotage advertising for my presentation and utterly distance itself from me under pressure from three tentacles of the Israel lobby. I don’t see how my being a Canadian is relevant. Everyone has a dog in this fight.

Thanks again,




I have changed the link to the book. I encourage everyone to buy the book direct from the publisher, as I actually did. Still, one would benefit from visiting the book’s Amazon page to read the many positive customer reviews.