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Too Big to Fail


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To the tune of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man” Sometimes it’s hard to be just people, Keeping some respect for the man: You’ll have hard times He’ll have good times Pulling stunts that you don’t understand. They look illegal But he acts so regal And, after all, they’re hard to understand. He’s not a…



too big to fail mean they master and control the whole nation, and because too big to fail and because we think they must be present EVER in all economic decisions and decide all what concern life and death of the people. And, we know that in the whole world it’s the same and also international politic decisions concerning exploitation of resources of many countries (also and overall stealing of resources) not strong as Usa are, often moving war, or proxi war, or coups, or whatever to taking their wealth for free is their speciality. They are, with militar-industrial complex, zionist entities, (I know and claim rightly them as militar-industrial-bankster complex) the evil satanic team that ruins the whole world. for them don’t exists international law, for them don’t exists international Court that can limit their inadmissible and unqualifiable culprit behavior. SO!!! things are very serious, they wants to take control also of China and Russia, becoming the only one master of the world, but this is impossible and perhaps the situation is opposite of what they want, Russia are becoming TOO STRONG TO FAIL in order to crush completely north-american continent, and if american wants things can become worse with the final vaporization of american rogue nation. All of that, thanks to the “too big to fail” evil satanic entities and their trustworthy dogs of NATO and all their assets.
This is what are happening at very fast velocity in the last years and months.
If someone finally decide to leave their way of behaving, can be mr Trump? yes, is possible that their end will come soon (same of JFK in other times), but the other possibility is very far worse.
excuse me for my little english, I’m not mother tongue, I’m from a western trustworthy dog nation. an Ex militar-policeman who knows very well the true intentions of rogue evil satanic entity whose name is NATO

P.S. if things are not yet worse we must tell thanks to the two great statists of last one century we know as Xi Jimping and Putin Vladimir